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Meet Our Talented Staff



Please use the extensions below to contact each staff member.   Calls will be returned as quickly as possible. 


Some staff members have individual websites which are underlined.  Hit Ctrl+click to open the link.  We welcome you to visit these sites for more detailed information about their services.


Our Talented Staff:


Alicia                      Ext.213

(Stylist & Make-Up Artist)


Cheri                       Ext.222



Danielle                   Ext.210

(American Board Certified Haircolorist , Permanent Makeup Artist & Spray Tanning)


Emma                       Ext.236

(Stylist, Nail Technician & Spray Tanning)

Janet                         Ext.230



Jenn                          Ext.221



Jennifer                      Ext.223

(Esthetician, Body Sculpting, Permanent Make-Up, Tatoo Removal)

Jessie                          Ext.217

(Stylist & Pedicures)                                




Kyla                          Ext.211

(Massage Therapist)

Latoya                      Ext.218


 Michelle                    Ext.225

(Body Detoxing)

                                                                 Mary Ann                 Ext.212




Renee                        Ext.224

(Electrologist )          


Samie                        Ext.215

(Nail Technician)                      


Sandra                      Ext.233



Sara                           Ext.219



Shayley                     Ext.216


Make-up Artist,& Eyelash Extensions)